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Legal Professional For Psychic Accused Of Conning Female Into Stealing $1 Million From Husband Wishes Extra Proof

Lawyers for a tampa psychic accused of tricking a female into stealing $1 million from her husband declare prosecutors are withholding proof.

On thursday, jaycee wasso walked right into a tampa courtroom to observe her legal professional, glen lansky, unleash a listing of grievances.

“What’s the massive mystery that is open in frank discovery,” argued lanksy.

Wasso is a psychic who presents spiritual readings to her customers, however prosecutors say she is likewise a con artist who manipulated younger bride lin halfon into stealing over 1 million in cash and valuables from her wealthy husband richard rappaport.

“They’re alleging cartier watches and cartier matters and they’re alleging it’s the belongings of mr. Rappaport. I want to understand who bought those objects and how they were given to my patron,” wondered lansky.

Assistant statewide prosecutor paul dontenville fired again.

“What befell decide, is that omit wasso exploited miss halfon and sucked coins from mr. Rappaport for a year,” argued dontenville.

Closing year, halfon took a plea deal in trade for thirteen months within the county prison. She turned into additionally deported back to israel however is predicted to go back and be the megastar witness for the kingdom in wasso‘s trial.

But lansky says earlier than that takes place, he needs all the evidence, which he claims prosecutors aren’t sharing.

“They’ve the numbers. They have got the gadgets. They’ve the dates. Provide them to me,” said a fired-up lansky.

But dontenville wasn’t staying quiet both.

“This is not a hide your ball type of technique by the kingdom of florida. In reality, this is full and fair disclosure,” he argued.

Tampa judge michael williams sided with prosecutors and stated all of the evidence requested may be accumulated at some stage in ordinary depositions.

Williams set another court docket date for july and scheduled wasso’s trial for october 17, 2022.

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